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One Man's Treasure

Charlene E. Green

ISBN 9781599830872
Publish Date 4/1/2009
Format Paperback
Categories Urban Soul
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Katrice Vincent has waited a long time to find her soul mate. When Weston Porter successfully sweeps her off her feet, she knows for sure she’s found what she’s been looking for. There’s just one problem: after more than ten years, her lifelong obsession, Royce, has returned to their hometown. Back in high school, he made it clear that she wasn’t the one for him; now, he’s presenting her with a tempting offer that rocks—and could shatter—her world.

Will she be able to find the strength to stay true to the one man she knows in her heart she belongs with? Or will she risk everything for the one man she’s never gotten over, so that she can finally close this long and traumatic chapter?

Go with Katrice on her whirlwind, exciting, nail-bitingly tense, and morally challenging journey, as she walks you step by step through the before-and-after of the biggest decision of her life. You will ask yourself for years to come, “What would I have done?”

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Awesome ! (Saturday, June 6, 2009)
Reviewer: ricepudding

The ultimate love story. I felt like a fly on the wall.

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