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Work What You Got: A Beta Gamma Pi Novel Book 1

Stephanie Perry Moore

ISBN 9780758225429
Publish Date 12/30/2008
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Young Adult, KTeen Dafina
List Price: $9.95

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Between moving off campus, gearing up to pledge a sorority, and trying to keep her faith first, Hayden Grant is about to become one very busy Beta.

College sophomore Hayden Grant and her three roommates can’t wait to join Beta Gamma Pi sorority. At least that’s what Hayden thought-until Myra, Bridget and Chandra announce a change of plans. Can Hayden and her girls hold onto their friendship as they pursue different paths? And speaking of pursuit, Hayden’s caught the eye of Creed, a hottie she met her first year. There’s just one complication: Hayden’s ex-boyfriend heads the fraternity Creed’s pledging. It looks like it’s going to be one crazy year of trials, tribulations, and unexpected lessons-in leadership and love.

About Stephanie Perry Moore:

Stephanie Perry Moore is the author of the Perry Skky Jr., Yasmin Peace, Payton Skky, Laurel Shadrach, Carmen Browne, and the Faith Thomas Novelzine™ series. She also has written four adult titles, including her newest release, Wearing My Halo Tilted. Currently, she is an Executive Producer of Georgia Sky, a DVD series from Tyler Perry’s 34th Street Films based on her previous works. She lives in the greater Atlanta area with her husband, Derrick, and their three children.

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The Real Deal (Monday, November 17, 2008)
Reviewer: Marjorie L. Kimbrough

Work What You Got tells the story of college sorority relations in a real way. There are no punches pulled. It is the real deal. Young people need to keep it real, and this book does just that. The characters are true and realistic, so typical of those one encounters on the college campus. The situations in which the young women find themselves are thought-provoking and agents for discussion. The book is insightful and rewarding.

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