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Sean Wolfe

ISBN 9780758225122
Publish Date 11/25/2008
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, Fiction
List Price: $15.00

In Close Contact and Aroused, Sean Wolfe proved that he’s a master at crafting wildly sexy, provocative stories that are as smart and literate as they are hot. And in Taboo, he delves even deeper into his wicked imagination to create a collection that spans the complete spectrum of forbidden desire…

A pledge turns the tables on the cocky frat house president during a mind-blowing initiation in “Sexual Pursuit.” In “Self Service,” a gorgeous, arrogant stud discovers the ultimate act of narcissism. A missionary in Africa and a beautiful young tribal leader are bound to each other in one intensely carnal coupling in “Right of Passage.” In “The Freudian Slip,” a therapist breaks all the rules with his eager client in a truly revealing session. And in “The Night Before,” a bride’s brother welcomes the handsome groom into his family in a way he’ll never forget…

Sophisticated and sensual, fearlessly controversial and irresistibly erotic, these sizzling, XXX-rated stories confirm that the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it—especially when the temptation is raw, risky, and deliciously taboo…

About Sean Wolfe:

Sean Wolfe lives in Denver, Colorado, and wishes desperately that he were living back home in San Francisco…or better yet, retired and looking young and pretty while living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sean has had over fifty erotica stories published in just about every gay magazine in print, and over a dozen have been reprinted in several anthologies. His debut collection, Close Contact, was a 2005 Lambda Literary Award nominee. Sean is also the volunteer coordinator for the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s LIVESTRONG Challenge in Denver and is in high demand for speaking engagements on many subjects. He also facilitates workshops and seminars. Though Sean does write more than just erotica, and loves to talk, and is a prolific public speaker, as well as a Gemini who believes he is never wrong…he has been woefully unsuccessful in convincing others that he is not a sex maniac, because all of his published works suggest otherwise.

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