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The BBook of Geek

Brian Briggs

ISBN 9780806530024
Publish Date 10/28/2008
Format Trade Paperback
Categories General, Citadel
List Price: $14.95

The Only Geek Humor Book You’ll Ever Need

Your first love was a Commodore 64. You are fluent in Elvish. Your perfect weekend involves World of Warcraft, Half-Life, and multiple viewings of Office Space. You’ve already booked your trip to next year’s Comic-Con. You are a geek, and this is the book for you.

Part reference, part satire, this hilarious guide from the genius behind simultaneously pokes fun at and celebrates every subject close to a geek’s heart—from The Matrix to MacGyver, from Linux to Stan Lee. Covering the eight pillars of geek knowledge—science, literature, hardware, software, gaming, the Internet, TV, and movies—The BBook of Geek offers a Vulcan salute to geeks everywhere.

Top 11 Reasons to Buy this BBook:

11. Secret code on page 42 unlocks the secret to life, the universe, and everything.
10. It has fewer pages than the average video card review.
9. There aren’t wireless connections everywhere and you’ll need something to read.
8. It is required reading for those wishing to participate in Web 3.0.
7. We promise no Ents will come after you for buying paper products.
6. It is the BBook you’re looking for, move along, move along (to the cash register).
5. Loads more quickly than any page on the Internet.
4. Plenty of pictures with which to blackmail the author included at no extra charge.
3. Cthulhu waits for you to buy this BBook.
2. Like the Klingons say about this book, “It is a good day to buy!”
1. Playing “Where’s Brian” in the pictures is much easier than those Waldo books.

NOTICE TO ALL READERS: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE FOLLOWING END READER LICENSE AGREEMENT. By picking up this book and reading this license, you have agreed to purchase this book. You may not put this book down under penalty of law until you have completed your purchase. Laughs are expected but not guaranteed by this agreement. Who knows, you could be some mirthless troll—should I be responsible for that? I mean, really.

"Briggs is the funniest guy on the Internet that most people have never heard of. That's about to change." —Drew Curtis,

Brian Briggs grew up on a farm outside of the small town of Milan, Michigan—not exactly fertile land for geek creation. Brian overcame his environment by spending the money he earned on the farm on a Color Computer 2. After getting an Electrical Engineering degree (can’t spell geek without EE) from the University of Michigan, he worked for a small industrial computer company for ten years. In January 2000 he started posting stories he had written on some free Web space. Quickly overrunning his bandwidth quota, he convinced his wife he needed his own domain and was born. In January 2003, Brian “quit his day job” and started doing BBspot full time. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with his lovely wife, two wonderful children, and a life-sized, talking Darth Vader.

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