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When You Were Me

Robert Rodi

ISBN 9780758215345
Publish Date 9/30/2008
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Fiction, Kensington
List Price: $15.00

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All work and no play have made Jack Ackerly a dull boy. It’s also made him very rich. Now, at age 53, he regrets devoting his youth to capitalism over hedonism. Alas he can’t turn back time; but according to a self-styled “fusion witch” named Francesca, he can trade places with a willing participant. He just has to find a hot young stud ready to make the switch.

Enter Corey Szaslo, 26, a jaded party boy whose life of sex, drugs, and barhopping has left him with no education, no career, no assets, and no prospects. Jumping into the skin of a retired millionaire seems a fair way out of this predicament, even if it means doubling his age and adding five inches to his waistline.

Faster than you can say, “Be careful what you wish for,” Jack and Corey are living each other’s lives to the fullest. But their successfully swapped lives soon begin to come apart at the seams. And when Jack’s former lover comes back, begging “Jack” for another chance, all bets are off, driving both Jack and Corey into unsuspecting competition—and resulting in a climax that takes each of them farther beyond their essential selves than they ever dreamed they’d go.

“Rodi’s quick-paced satire of the joys and sorrows of body swapping is one kind of perfect vacation and beach reading.” --Booklist

“Another fabulous and funny book.” --After

Robert Rodi is the author of six novels, including Fag Hag, Closet Case, What They Did to Princess Paragon, Drag Queen, Kept Boy, and Bitch Goddess. He lives in Chicago with his partner, Jeffrey Smith, and a constantly shifting number of dogs. For more information, visit him at

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