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Drama High: Courtin' Jayd #6

L. Divine

ISBN 9780758225368
Publish Date 8/26/2008
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Young Adult, KTeen Dafina
List Price: $9.95

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Just as South Bay High’s Jayd Jackson is feeling good that her two main social circles have finally come together, drama takes over once more, and the usual suspects are involved...

These days, family and relationship drama is the name of the game in Jayd’s life—from her fighting uncles on the home front to her friend Mickey’s possible pregnancy—aka her “maybe baby”—to a vengeful plan being plotted by Misty, Jayd’s nemesis, over a highly personal problem. In fact, Jayd may have to do some plotting of her own to keep her crew safe from Misty’s drama. Meanwhile, Rah is trying to get closer to Jayd, but she won’t be his rebound girl. Everything comes to a head when Jayd’s ex, Jeremy, asks to play basketball with Rah and the others and is told that a white boy can’t ball. Jeremy proves them wrong, but will that be enough for them to let him on the team for an important game? Or will ego and stereotyping win? It’s almost more than Jayd can take—until her Mama reminds her of her powerful lineage. Now it’s time for Jayd to catch up on her spirit work, and confront some powerful emotions of her own…

About L. Divine:

L. Divine holds a Master’s in African American Studies and Educational Psychology from UCLA, and served as a visiting scholar at UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her daughter and son.

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Courtin Jayd is good (Wednesday, May 6, 2009)
Reviewer: Latiya

I think this is a really good book for young adults to read. I really like this book. It's poppin for real. I love L. Divine books they are the best.

Every young girl should read this... (Monday, September 22, 2008)
Reviewer: Cecilie

Heck, even my mom read this book along with the rest of the series! These books are always well written, and I can feel every emotion that Jayd goes through. Can't wait till the next book hits the stores....

Courtin' Jayd Review (Saturday, September 13, 2008)
Reviewer: Dominique

After I got done reading this book I just wanted to read more. Who knows whats gonna happen next. Can't wait till Hustlin' comes out.

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