Hot Summer Nights

Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

ISBN 9780758282842
Publish Date 4/24/2007
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Romance Contemporary
List Price: $4.99

She's mysterious, gorgeous, and sultry. Every man's fantasy come true. And she's about to turn the heads of the residents in the idyllic seaside Connecticut town of Sound's End where she's renting a cottage for one sizzling, unforgettable summer...

Sound's End isn't prepared for what's about to hit it. Leslie Morgan is burned out–on sex. So the high-priced call girl is taking off work at Club Fantasy for some much needed r-n-r on the shores of Connecticut. Leslie keeps what she does for a living a secret. Yet even without makeup and sexy clothes, Leslie's perfect curves, blond hair, and smoky voice capture everyone's attention--and imagination--including that of Brad DeVane, a New York City cop whose gorgeous body has all the local women salivating. But only Leslie knows she has what it takes to satisfy every one of his needs--and she's determined to take him on the wildest ride of pleasure he's ever known...

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