Staying Home Is A Killer: An Ellie Avery Mystery #2

Sara Rosett

ISBN 9780758243003
Publish Date 3/1/2008
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Mystery
List Price: $4.99

Air Force wife Ellie Avery is so good at organizing she's turned professional. Her tips on cleaning can send the worst case of clutter packing, dust balls fleeing, and nooks and crannies preening. But when a fellow military wife turns up dead, Ellie tackles a different type of case--murder...

Diaper bag over her shoulder and an adorable toddler wriggling in her arms, Ellie Avery balances motherhood, marriage, and her own business--Everything in Its Own Place--with breezy aplomb. A maestro of organization, she sees her life as an easy checklist that does not include the untimely death of Penny Follette.

Unlike the police, Ellie isn't convinced the death of Penny Follette was suicide. But when a shocking message on her answering machine confirms her suspicions, it's an uphill battle getting the officials to take her seriously. Then another spouse is strangled, and someone tries to poison an outspoken female pilot who believes sexism is alive and well in the Air Force.

Poking about in closets and peeking through drawers, Ellie hopes to find the common thread tying the crimes together--not more dead bodies. And with her husband Mitch about to be deployed in the "sandbox" (that's the Mideast for us civvies), she wants some quality time with her significant other. As the schedule tightens and the mystery heightens, Ellie's out to prove home is not for killers!

*Filled with Ellie Avery's Great Organizing Tips*

About Sara Rosett:

Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, Sara Rosett has always loved to curl up with a good book. The wife of an Air Force pilot, she and her family moved nine times—giving her plenty of expertise to write Moving is Murder. They are currently living in Georgia with their two children and two dogs. Sara’s work appeared in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul, and she is working on the next Mom Zone mystery.

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