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When Somebody Loves You Back

Mary B. Morrison

ISBN 9780758207319
Publish Date 6/26/2007
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Fiction, Dafina

From New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison comes a powerful, sexy story about life’s ups and downs—and the wondrous ways in which love can save the day…

With some high-profile legal trouble behind him and a promising NBA career ahead of him—plus his engagement to his spirited soul mate, the irrepressible Fancy Taylor—former playboy Darius Jones is back on top. But bad news soon threatens to take him right back down.

When Darius’s wealthy stepfather falls gravely ill, the outcome leaves Darius’s mother, Jada, in a deep depression—and deeply dependent on Candice, an opportunistic writer friend who has less than her best interests at heart. But Jada isn’t Darius’s only concern. He’s hiding a potential health issue of his own—one that could cost him his professional future, and his relationship with Fancy. Worried about his mother, not to mention himself, Darius takes a time-out to go back home and care for her. There, thanks to Candice’s nosiness—and negligence—he discovers a shocking truth about the bombshell secret he has been carrying…

“The hottest book I’ve read this year.” —Carl Weber, New York Times bestselling author on He’s Just A Friend

“Morrison delivers a deep, passionate story that holds readers from beginning to end.” —Black Issues Book Review on Never Again Once More

About Mary B. Morrison:

New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison believes that women must shape their own destiny. Born in Aurora, IL, and raised in New Orleans, LA, she took a chance and quit her near six-figure government job to self-publish her first book, Soulmates Dissipate, in 2000 and begin her literary career. Mary is the originating founder of Healing Her Hurt, a nonprofit that helps women recover from abuse. In 2006 she sponsored the publication of an anthology written by 33 sixth-graders. In 2010 and 2014, Mary produced a play based on her novel, Single Husbands, which she wrote under her pseudonym, HoneyB. Her wonderful son, Jesse Byrd, Jr., is the owner of, lives in Dubai, and is writing novels for young adults. Mary currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit Mary Honey B Morrison on Facebook, Twitter @ marybmorrison, and at

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