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Drama High: Jayd's Legacy #3

L. Divine

ISBN 9780758216373
Publish Date 1/30/2007
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Young Adult, KTeen Dafina
List Price: $9.95

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It’s official: South Bay High’s finest, Jayd Jackson, and its coolest white boy, Jeremy Weiner, are a couple. And if that’s not enough interracial drama for South Bay’s mostly white, wealthy student body, Jayd and her bold, beautiful, black renaissance crew have more on the way….

Friends and teachers at South Bay High may be hating, but Jayd and Jeremy are falling in love, and if anyone has a problem with their happiness, especially an ex who’s back in Jayd’s life aiming to sweep her off her feet—well, that’s no surprise. This is Drama High after all. And Jayd is no stranger to controversy—it’s in her blood, and it seems it’s in her girl Nellie’s blood too.

Homecoming is just around the corner, and South Bay High has never had a black princess, queen, or royalty of any kind for any event. But that’s about to change. The Drama Club is sponsoring Nellie to run for the junior class, hoping to give the Cheerleaders and Athletes a run for their money. If Nellie wins, she’ll make history. In fact, Nellie is so deep in the zone, Jayd’s afraid she’ll forget to watch her back because the students of South Bay are serious about their crowns. As Nellie’s chances for victory heat up, so does the hostility from the smartass opposition. Nellie may be flying too high to notice, but Jayd can see the drama coming. And as usual, she’s on it—with a little help from her magical Mama and her mystical ancestors, of course.

About L. Divine:

L. Divine holds a Master’s in African American Studies and Educational Psychology from UCLA, and served as a visiting scholar at UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her daughter and son.

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wondrerful writer (Thursday, August 14, 2008)
Reviewer: nichelle taylor

this book is very lovely and i truly loved and enjoyed the author and her point of view as teenager. when you read her books you feel as though you experience what she is going through

thank you (Saturday, February 16, 2008)
Reviewer: Angel

Hi im am a high school student at Middleton High School i like how the writer tells the truth about high school life. to let others that aren't in high school yet to know what too look out for and things you sould do things you souldn't do.she also tell the readers how you can try to fix the problem. after i read the first book i passed it on too my friends too read. i hope u keep writeing and thank you

I love This Series (Wednesday, November 14, 2007)
Reviewer: Drama Queen

I LOVE THIS SERIES each book is sooooo good when i start to read i never want to stop.

i love this book (Thursday, October 25, 2007)
Reviewer: Todtiyana

this book is a really good book for teenagers to read i think u should I THINK U SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE OUT OF EACH BOOK,i cant wait until FRENEMIES COME OUT

i can't wait (Monday, August 13, 2007)
Reviewer: maniessa

i can't wait for the next series. i love this book this is the best book i ever read even my cousin and my friends are in love with this book. we stay the whole night readind this book i wonder if jayd dream about jeremie being the father of tania babie going to happen for real. also i wonder if jayd uncles and jay have power too since jayd mom, grandmama and her have powers.

My first Drama High Book (Saturday, May 5, 2007)

This book was filled with alot of drama!!!!!! Alot of things left u wondering what will happen next...I hope that the next book in the series comes out soon

I love dis book (Sunday, December 31, 2006)
Reviewer: Valerie

I LOVE this book it the best book I ever read; they should make more books like this.

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