Robert H. Coddington brings to his writing nearly twenty years of formal and informal study of and experience in metaphysical and so-called paranormal concepts and events, as explored from his scientific background. He and his psychic wife, Marianne, with others, founded the Metaphysical Research Group (MRG) of Richmond, Virginia, which after eighteen years remains a viable organization exploring all facets of the paranormal. Coddington is past chairman of MRG and wrote a regular column on metaphysical concepts for the Group's local monthly multi-page membership publication In Tune during the two-plus years it was published. He currently produces its monthly meeting news and public relations releases.

The Coddingtons together have attended numerous seminars, conventions and symposia on the paranormal in the Virginia/Maryland/Washington, DC region. They have been presenters at other regional seminars, including college venues. They have gained some local visibility, albeit unsought, as investigators of suspected hauntings.

He has written many books and articles including two non-fiction books, Death Brings Many Surprises, and Earthbound: Conversations with Ghosts. "Second Sight", a monthly column on metaphysical concepts was featured regularly for over a year in American Psychic Magazine. His forthcoming book co-authored with Marianne C. Coddington, illuminates the growing field of hospice care.

Coddington's academic credentials include a B. S. in Physics and a stint as college instructor. He devoted twenty-five years to radio and TV broadcasting at air/production, engineering, and management levels. Among organizations in which Coddington maintains membership or affiliation are: The Metaphysical Research Group, The society for Scientific Exploration, The Center for UFO Studies, The Mutual UFO Network, The Smithsonian Institution, and The Virginia Writers Club.

A native of the Midwest and father of three grown children, Mr. Coddington now resides with his wife, Marianne, in Richmond, Virginia.